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I am a beginner at Hive's SQL so I am sorry if this question is answered
somewhere else. I tried to find the answer in Wiki, but no luck.

I have a dataset in which one of the columns is text. I need to count
number of records that match certain regex on that column. There are a
number of different regexes that I need to count records for and it
seems that there should be a way to do it in one pass through the data
with hive.

So how do I do it?

This doesn't seem to work (on Hive 0.3):
select sum(textcolumn LIKE "%%sometext%%") as CountA, sum(textcolumn
LIKE "%%othertext%%") as CountB from sometable;

Thank you for your help in advance!

[unrelated: We've written a simple AWS S3 log format deserializer for
Hive. It needs some polishing - if anyone needs it or wants to polish it
up for inclusion, let me know]

Andraz Tori, CTO
Zemanta Ltd, New York, London, Ljubljana
tel: +386 41 515 767
twitter: andraz, skype: minmax_test

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