Mohit Sabharwal created HIVE-9193:

              Summary: Fix ordering differences due to Java 8 (Part 3)
                  Key: HIVE-9193
                  URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HIVE-9193
              Project: Hive
           Issue Type: Sub-task
           Components: Tests
             Reporter: Mohit Sabharwal
             Assignee: Mohit Sabharwal

This patch fixes following q-test failures in Java 8:

(1) avro_* q-tests with map data type.

Select operator uses {{LazySimpleSerDe}}/{{StandMapObjectInspector}}, which is used all over for serializing results back to the end user for queries with maps. To avoid adding the additional memory cost associated with {{LinkedHashMap}}, we generate java version specific out files for these tests.

(2) plan_json.q, join0.q, input4.q, authorization_explain.q

{{EXPLAIN FORMATTED}} outputs string representation of {{JSONObject}}, which internally is a {{HashMap}}. Again, we generate java version specific out files for these tests.

(3) explain_dependency.q

{{EXPLAIN DEPENDENCY}} outputs string representation of {{ReadEntity.parents}}. Changed that to an ordered map.

(4) list_bucket_dml_6.q

{{DESC FORMATTED}} calls {{StorageDescriptor.getSkewedInfo()}} HMS API, which returns a thrift (unordered) map. Generate java version specific out file for this test.

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