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On Wednesday, April 9, 2014 6:18:35 AM UTC-7, Juraj jiv wrote:

i have one table in Hbase with 250GB of data and have problem while using
Hbase REST scanner.

What i do is:
1. calling http://<server>:20550/<table>/scanner
with POST and Content-Type: text/xml
<Scanner endRow="value2" startRow="value1" batch="1000000"></Scanner>

2. then getting header location and calling http GET on scanner address
"accept", "application/json"
And GET ends with no data returned - http 204.
in log file i see -
generator exhausted
what it means? Its INFO so i guess its not a problem.

Hbase shell from command line working fine, i tried similar scan command.
Other table with 7GB of data working fine using scan via REST (also json).
Any ideas what could be wrong? Hbase version - HBase

You verified from shell that there is data in the table?

What if you do not stipulate end and start values? Does the scan work?

Try enabling DEBUG on the target server.

You get 'generator exhausted' when no value was returned by your query:

       if (value == null) {"generator exhausted");
         // respond with 204 (No Content) if an empty cell set would be
         // returned
         if (count == limit) {
           return Response.noContent().build();


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