(sending to user@ and bbcing dev@ since this is a user question)

That type of problem can be "fun" to debug, did you try with the shell
to query the data? Do you get a different result?

BTW, any TTL set on that table?

On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Neerja Bhatnagar wrote:

I am sorry if this question has been resolved before. Thank you for your

I am seeing really strange behavior with HBase Scan.

I insert 1 row into a table named test, 1 col family named testColFam, and 3
columns : foo (with value foo), bar (with value bar), and id (a unique id).

I wait 5 minutes, and run the following code to retrieve the row ---

HTablePool htablePool = new HTablePool(config, maxsize);

HTable table = (HTable) htablePool.getTable("test"); // test is the

Scan scan = new Scan();
scan.setStartRow(Bytes.toBytes("")); // scan from the first row

ResultScanner resScanner = table.getScanner(scan);
Iterator<Result> resultIterator = resultScanner.iterator();

Result result = resultIterator.next();


the result.getMap() behaves differently based on time-elapsed. If I run this
code as soon as I have inserted the data, the 3 columns in the 1 row are
returned as expected.

But after some time elapses, scan returns fewer columns per row each time.

Can anyone please help me with this? Please let me know if you need more

Do I need to set the timerange or something to make sure that all columns
are returned?

Cheers, Neerja

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