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On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Mikhail Bautin wrote:
I am working on porting some features to HBase trunk, and it looks like there are problems with unit tests in the trunk right now.
Yes. We're working on getting them fixed.
What seems strange to me is that a single test timeout terminates the whole test suite.
I'm not sure how to change that. Here's config. for surefire maven

Here is comment on the test timeout flag:

forkedProcessTimeoutInSeconds int 2.4 Kill the forked test process
after a certain number of seconds. If set to 0, wait forever for the
process, never timing out.

I suppose if surefire steps in because test has gone on too long, then
it fails the test run.

I messed with the junit timeout annotation -- a few of our tests have
this set -- and if its timeout elapses, tests keep going just failing
this single test.

So it seems as though when the maven surefire plugin has to step in,
we don't keep going. I don't see a config. to change this (maybe
someone knows?)

Also, apparently the continuous integration server does not handle this situation correctly, because the page at claims that there are "no failures", which is far from truth.
Well, it does report the build as failed.
To summarize, I think this raises the following questions:

*   Could the changes in introduce this problem with unit test timeouts, and how can it be fixed?
I don't think the commits that went into build 1987 responsible. I've
seen this behavior in the past (where timeout of a single test fails
the build but doesn't show in the test report).

*   Should we make the unit test suite resilient to timeouts in individual tests?  It could skip the timed-out test and continue rather than terminate.
Not all of our tests are junit 4 but for those that are, we can use
the timeout annotation; e.g. add it to these tests that tend to go on
for the > the surefire configured 15 minute timeout so our tests
continue to run. Let me do this.
*   How can we fix the continuous integration server so that it does not report "zero failures" in this case where half of the most part of the suite did not even run?
By following the prescription above.

Thanks for raising this issue Mikhail.


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