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On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 12:50 AM, Dhruba Borthakur wrote:

This also means that we should target a Hadoop release from the
branch-0.20-append, isn't it?
Probably, though I'm still a little confused as to who will be testing that
branch. I plan on concentrating my testing on top of CDH3b2, and I imagine
you guys are testing based on your internal branch. So we can certainly do
an append branch release, but I think we'll have to count on community
testing a bit more.
On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 10:12 PM, Stack wrote:

Dates look good to me.

There are too many open issues currently filed against If fellas have a moment, take a look. See what
can be purged (Are there any we should pull in that are not currently
in the list?) Adopt those you think you'll be able to work on. Looks
like a few have wrong priority; e.g. master rewrite is major true, but
probably should be a blocker.
I took a swing through some of the blockers to try to triage some down.
While we have a ton of open issues, we should try to close out the real show
stoppers first. So long as trunk works generally as well as 0.20.5 I think
we'll be able to get some users trying out a dev release by offering the
durability carrot (plus the few big new features we've already got done)

Good stuff,

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Todd Lipcon wrote:
Hey everyone,

I'd like to start planning towards a development release this month. Here's
my thinking on timeline, working backwards:

*Tues, 6/29 - Hadoop Summit, official first release of dev series*

It would be great to have a release at this point that we think is
moderately usable (ie not significantly less stable than 0.20.n has been).
Perhaps some of the new features (eg replication, coprocessors, etc) would
still be in progress but I think it would be great to be able to talk
working installable-today release at the summit.

Thinking backwards, from here:

*Tues, 6/22 - Major patches committed, first "usable" builds w/ new features

If all the real development features were committed by 6/22, that would give
us a week to bang on it suss out the bugs. Those of you working on
things (eg master fixup), do you think you'll be ready for it to be
committed at this point?

*Tues, 6/15 - Major patches in review*
Given the scope of some of the changes in the works (particularly thinking
about master work being done at FB right now) I think it would be excellent
if the rest of us could start looking at patches by 6/15. Fine if there are
still known bugs, but this will give us some days to look at the patch and
work in parallel on fixing them.

Do these target dates seem reasonable to everyone?


Todd Lipcon
Software Engineer, Cloudera

Connect to me at

Todd Lipcon
Software Engineer, Cloudera

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