The fact is Hadoop was modeled after the particular system design
Google developed from the start. So it is what it is. I don't think
you can "differentiate" that situation away.

Can Google patent MapReduce, which is basic CS and part of Lisp from
the 60's? That is what is interesting about this.


On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 3:33 AM, Laurence Hubert
Dear all,

I think the impact of this patent should not be underestimated. If
Hadoop/HBase is only an educational system and not used by anybody for any
business then I agree there is no threat to the community...
but if companies are relaying on it to do business (and some started to
evaluate the use of Hadoop/HBase in commercial systems) then the companies
businesses or products might be threatened. This means, unless something is
done, companies cannot select Hadoop/HBase anymore for implementations
because this is too much of a risk... which is in fact the biggest threat to
hadoop... it was becoming popular and companies started to consider
supporting it (providing development resources...) because this was a
possible platform for their businesses...

In my opinion a healthy attitude to this would be to analyse what was
actually *really* protected and be creative on how hadoop could/should
differentiate. Because if hadoop is just a 1:1 replica of the Google system,
then there is no chance that it will attract more than the academic
community and its nice success story is going to end here... I see enough
intellectual power in the team to be able to take the Google patent and
produce the next generation...

My two cents,
Laurence Hubert

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Subject: Re: Google patent over Map Reduce - Hbase reflections

On 1/20/10 3:44 PM, stack wrote:

I've been following the thread.  I would tend to side with the general
that has it that its likely a just-in-case move by Google and that the
likelihood of a Google suing Apache is not likely to happen in this

That was my general idea as well.
Are you (or your employer) spooked Kay Kay?
Not at all - but just started this to see what the opinions of the
community might be w.r.t. this.

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 3:34 PM, Kay Kaywrote:

A big thread currently going on at the hadoop common user mailing list -

2c36b701001200817g77f245b1x6ba9d7d2cfd9ec93@mail.gmail.com>  .

A good number of you might have already seen that thread, but just
up a thread for discussion to see what the thoughts of the community are
w.r.t. patent and how much (if at all) of the application would be
to that / any refactorings as necessary as seen by the team or thoughts
general to the same.


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