I've not encountered an error like this, but here's some suggestions:

1. Try to make sure that your two node cluster is setup correctly.
Querying the web interface, using any of the included dfs utils (eg.
hadoop dfs -ls), or looking in your log directory may yield more useful
stack traces or errors.

2. Open up the source and check out the code around the stack trace.
This sucks, but hadoop is actually pretty easy to surf through in
Eclipse, and most classes are kept within a reasonable number of lines
of code and fairly readable.

3. Rip out the parts of Nutch you need and drop them in your project,
and forget about 0.19. This isn't ideal, but you have to remember that
this whole ecosystem is still forming and sometimes it makes sense to
rip stuff out and transplant it into your project rather than depending
on 2-3 classes from a project which you otherwise don't use.
On 11/10/09 11:32 AM, John Martyniak wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am getting this error java.io.IOException: Could not obtain block:,
when running on my new cluster. When I ran the same job on the single
node it worked perfectly, I then added in the second node, and receive
this error. I was running the grep sample job.

I am running Hadoop 0.19.2, because of a dependency on Nutch
(Eventhough this was not a Nutch job). I am not running HBase, the
version of Java is OpenJDK 1.6.0.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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