shwitzu wrote:
Thanks for Responding,

I read about HDFS and understood how it works and I also installed hadoop in
my windows using cygwin and tried a sample driver code and made sure it

But my concern is, given the problem statement how should I proceed

Could you please give me some clue/ pseudo code or a design.
I would start the design process the way you would with any other large

-understand the problem
-get an understanding of the available solution space -and their limitations
-come up with one or more possible solutions
-identify the risky bits of the system, the assumptions you may have,
the requirements you have of other things, the bits you dont' really
-prototype something that tests those assumptions, acts as a first demo
of what is possible -or an immediate
-start with the basic tests and automated deployment

Plus all the scheduling stuff that goes with it

Asking a mailing list for pseudo code or a design is doomed. Really.
This is a major distributed application and you need to be thinking
about it at scale, and you need to understand both the user needs and
the capabilities of the underlying technologies. Nobody else on this
list understands the needs, and there is no way for you to be sure that
any of us understand the technologies. Which means there is no way you
can trust any of us to produce a design that works -even if anyone was
prepared to sit down and do your work for you.

sorry, but that's not how open source communities tend to work. Help
with problems, bugs, yes. Design your application -no. You are on your
own there.


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