I will also be presenting on Mahout (machine learning) on Wednesday at
3:30 (I think). It will have some Hadoop flavor in it.

On Oct 31, 2008, at 1:46 PM, Owen O'Malley wrote:

Just a reminder that ApacheCon US is next week in New Orleans. There
will be a lot of Hadoop developers and talks. (I'm CC'ing core-user
because it has the widest coverage. Please join the low traffic
[email protected] list for cross sub-project announcements.)

* Hadoop Camp with lots of talks about Hadoop
o Introduction to Hadoop by Owen O'Malley
o A Tour of Apache Hadoop by Tom White
o Programming Hadoop Map/Reduce by Arun Murthy
o Hadoop at Yahoo! by Eric Baldeschwieler
o Hadoop Futures Panel
o Using Hadoop for an Intranet Seach Engine by Shivakumar
o Cloud Computing Testbed by Thomas Sandholm
o Improving Virtualization and Performance Tracing of
Hadoop with Open Solaris
by George Porter
o An Insight into Hadoop Usage at Facebook by Dhruba
o Pig by Alan Gates
o Zookeeper, Coordinating the Distributed Application by
Ben Reed
o Querying JSON Data on Hadoop using Jaql by Kevin Beyer
o HBase by Michael Stack
* Hadoop training on Practical Problem Solving in Hadoop
* Cloudera is providing a test Hadoop cluster and a Hadoop
hacking contest.

There is also a new Hadoop tutorial available.

-- Owen

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