This will also depend on your particular use - since our application is CPU-bound, it was more economical for us to buy machines with as many cores as possible. Obviously if you are IO-bound you have different considerations.


On 9/25/07 10:02 AM, "Allen Wittenauer" wrote:

On 9/25/07 9:27 AM, "Bob Futrelle" wrote:>
I'm in the market to buy a few machines to set up a small cluster and am
wondering what I should consider.
If it helps, we're using quad core x86s with anywhere from 4g to 16g of
ram. We've got 4x500g sata drives per box, no raid, swap and root taking a
chunk out of each drive and the rest used for HDFS and/or MR work.

While you can certainly go a much more heterogeneous route than we have,
it should be noted that the more differences in the hardware/software
layout, the more difficult is going to be to maintain them. This is
especially true for large grids where hand-tuning individual machines just
isn't worth the return on effort.
Or should I just spread Hadoop over some friendly machines already in my
College, buying nothing?
Given the current lack of a security model in Hadoop and the direction
that a smattering of Jira's are heading, "friendly" could go either way:
either not friendly enough or too friendly. :)

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