We've long-delayed declaring 1.0 because we were afraid to commit to
supporting a given API for a longer term.  Now folks are willing to make
that long-term commitment to an API, yet seem reluctant to call it 1.0.
The commitment is to the new APIs. "Folks" are reluctant to cut a
release without them and call it 1.0.

Continuing to support the applications written in the old APIs is a
pragmatic decision. The absolute purity of the API is secondary to
supporting existing users, who don't want to rewrite their
applications as a prerequisite to upgrading their clusters. New
applications should be written in the new API, so the "classic" one is

This position is neither confusing nor contradictory. The old APIs
won't be deleted, but the commitment to them is contingent and an
accommodation for existing users. -C

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