Thanks for the wiki page, Steve - it's a great starting point for people who
prefer IDEA to anything else!

Well, I don¹t have any problem with the sources for the sources folders are
configured properly. I've been able to pass around MiniDFSCluster problem by
adding ... into module dependencies. Some of the issues were resolved by
running compile-core-test before Junit execution.

However no matter what I do now I can force to see some of the classes under
contrib (they actually doesn't exist anywhere in the build), e.g.

I'll be spending some spare cycles on this problem later on, but for now
I'll follow your lead and will be running testing as Ant target.

Konstantin (Cos)
On 4/24/09 8:59 AM, "Steve Loughran" wrote:

Konstantin Boudnik wrote:
Hello there.

I'm wondering if someone here is using IDEA (v. > 7.0.5) to build and run
unit tests on Hadoop? I have found this page
http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/HadoopUnderIDEA all the instructions. However,
when I run the tests I see some error messages during the make phase.

The errors are like
cannot find symbol class MiniDFSCluster
And so on. The same classes are found during normal make phase though. And
the lines where these errors are reported aren't highlighted by the IDEA

It seems to me, that I'm having some issues with Junit configuration how,
which is kinda weird, because I'm using Hadoop classpath settings for the
Junit run.

Did anyone see something similar and was able to fix it? Any help will be
much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
I started the wiki page, but I just use the command line to build/run
the tests. my IDE does see the MiniDFSCluster though, at least in the
source of all the tests

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