I am making changes to Hbase Shell to add support for
the new CREATE TABLE syntax. (See issue HADOOP-1720.)

But there are only two useful constructors in class HColumnDescriptor
for column creation, one with an argument specifying a column name,
the other with a number of arguments specifying all the options
for the column such as a compression method, max length, and so on,

In a CREATE TABLE statement, when a user specifies only
some of the available options, I'd like to fill in the remaining options
with their default values. I expected to access those default values as
public static fields of the HColumnDescriptor class, but those values
were hidden in the class as private fields. So I had to look into
the source code of the HColumnDescriptor class to find out
which default values are used in its single argument constructor.

I think it would be useful to make the default option values
in the HColumnDescriptor class as public static fields.

Is there any reason not to make them public static fields?


Inchul Song, Ph.D. Candidate
Database Lab
Division of Computer Science, KAIST

Email: icsong@dbserver.kaist.ac.kr, icsong@gmail.com
Phone: +82-42-869-3570
Fax: +82-42-867-2255

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