I went through the S3FileSystem.java codes and fixed the renameRaw() method.
Now, it iterates through the folders recursively and rename those. Also, in
the case of existing destination folder, it moves the src folder under the
dst folder.

Here is the piece code that should be replaced in S3FileSystem.java.
renameRaw() method should be replaced by the following methods:

public boolean renameRaw(Path src, Path dst) throws IOException {

Path absoluteDst = makeAbsolute(dst);
Path absoluteSrc = makeAbsolute(src);

INode inode = store.getINode(absoluteDst);
// checking to see of dst folder exist. In this case moves the
// src folder under the existing path.
if (inode != null && inode.isDirectory()) {
Path newDst = new Path(absoluteDst.toString
return renameRaw(src,newDst,src);
} else {
// if the dst folder does not exist, then the dst folder will be created.

return renameRaw(src,dst,src);

// recursively goes through all the subfolders and rename those.
public boolean renameRaw(Path src, Path dst,Path orgSrc) throws
IOException {
Path absoluteSrc = makeAbsolute(src);
Path newDst = new Path(src.toString().replaceFirst(orgSrc.toString(),
Path absoluteDst = makeAbsolute(newDst);
INode inode = store.getINode (absoluteSrc);
if (inode == null) {
return false;
if (inode.isFile()) {
store.storeINode(makeAbsolute(absoluteDst), inode);
} else {
store.storeINode (makeAbsolute(absoluteDst), inode);
Path[] contents = listPathsRaw(absoluteSrc);
if (contents == null) {
return false;
for (Path p : contents) {
if (! renameRaw(p,dst,orgSrc)) {
return false;

return true;

On 1/16/07, Mike Smith wrote:

I've testing Tom's nice S3/EC2 patch on couple of EC2/S3 machine. Injector
fails to inject urls, because fs.rename() in line 145 of CrawlDb.javadeletes the whole content and only renames the parent folder from xxxxx to
current. Basiclly,. crawl_dir/crawldb/current will an empty folder after

I have not gone through the hadoop fs.rename code, I thought maybe
somebody have solved this problem before.

Thanks, Mike

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