It sounds like the problem is whatever happens when you click the element
which closes the popup window. I'm guessing clicking the element transfers
the value on the popup back to default content. If could be the way the
developer is saving and transferring the information from the popup back to
the default content is the problem.

If it is a timing issue, you could try putting in some Thread.sleep(5000)
in various places. If this solves the problem you know it is a timing
issue. You'll have to remove the various sleep statements until you figure
out which one solved the problem. Once you know where you need to wait,
change the sleep statement to wait for the appropriate event.

If it is something which the developer is doing which is illegal but works
for humans, see if you can figure that out (use tools to examine the page
for compliance, e.g. Tidy to examine HTML). Maybe doing the right thing
will help WebDriver to work.

Could be you found an edge case where WebDriver fails. You'll have to find
a workaround which will continue to work even if they fix the defect.

Finally, you could be dealing with more than one issue and might be looking
for multiple solutions (lot harder to deal with).

On Wednesday, 31 October 2012 05:48:21 UTC-7, Rino van Dam wrote:

Darrel, Alexei and others: thank you for your replies.

First, I need to adjust my problem description. Since I wrote the first
post, I have realized that webdriver actually hangs immediately after
executing the code that closes the popup. It never gets to the line that
switches back to the default content. So:

- I use switchTo().frame("LookupWindow") to switch to the popup.
- I then successfully enter some text and look up a value
- Once the value is found, I click on on it (still on the popup)
- The popup now closes (because I clicked on the value in the popup)

This all works fine, but webdriver now hangs. It never gets to
execute switchTo().defaultContent()

Also: this is on Firefox 15.0.1, Selenium (java) 2.25.

I have successfully used similar code (switchTo()... etc) in the past, but
there the popup didn't close itself. I am going to try and convince my
employer to put a sample of this code up on a public page somewhere.
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