Darrel, Alexei and others: thank you for your replies.

First, I need to adjust my problem description. Since I wrote the first
post, I have realized that webdriver actually hangs immediately after
executing the code that closes the popup. It never gets to the line that
switches back to the default content. So:

- I use switchTo().frame("LookupWindow") to switch to the popup.
- I then successfully enter some text and look up a value
- Once the value is found, I click on on it (still on the popup)
- The popup now closes (because I clicked on the value in the popup)

This all works fine, but webdriver now hangs. It never gets to
execute switchTo().defaultContent()

Also: this is on Firefox 15.0.1, Selenium (java) 2.25.

I have successfully used similar code (switchTo()... etc) in the past, but
there the popup didn't close itself. I am going to try and convince my
employer to put a sample of this code up on a public page somewhere.

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