I'm new to Watir... working on a script to automate some browser screen

One page in particular has this problem that I'm stuck on: the page has a
link that is a javascript link, and the result of the javascript is that it
generates/sends a PDF to be downloaded/saved. So when I use Watir to click
the link, I get the Save As dialog, but I have no idea how to make it
actually click the "OK" button in the Save As dialog. It's not a javascript
window, so the usual javascript dialog/alert methods don't work. Also, as
the link is not a direct link to the PDF, I can't right-click on it to save
it without the dialog.

I tried looking through the source to see if the URL was just hidden, but
it's not... it appears to be generated via some convoluted javascript.

So I'm stuck. I can manually click the link and get the Save As dialog and
manually click the "OK" button (I'm on a mac, using Firefox, if the
matters). But I can't automate it.

Any help?



Before posting, please read http://watir.com/support. In short: search before you ask, be nice.


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