Here's my setup it may help you out. I like keeping my data off to save battery, etc... so I usually manually adjust that. I have my phone setup when ever I get a picture message it automatically turns data on so I get the message. It stays on, but you could set a timer to shut it off after a min or 5. Now my Wi-Fi task is another story. I have it so it always checks for Wi-Fi even when off so Tasker's Wi-Fi near works. When it recognizes I'm within a known Wi-Fi(set under task of my usua. Knowns like my home, relatives, work) it will automatically turn on Wi-Fi and connect. I also have it set a variable so if it is already on and I disconnect then it will stay on. So if I manually set it and don't want it to turn off it won't.

Now if you wanted to have it turn off data when Wi-Fi is on then just add a profile to listen for new picture messages and have it turn data on and then off after some time. Best fix foe your situation.

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