Ok so I may be able to help I am having a issue, may actually be a Tasker bug or maybe design, personally not sure pent you may know more on how it works. First off I have a S3 4.4.2 custom slimrom.

When I am in class I have my phone automatically go into airplane mode and after class come out of airplane mode ( both handled by secure settings). If Wi-Fi was off when going into airplane mode it doesn't seem to turn on the Wi-Fi radio again. So it runs while Wi-Fi off which enables Tasker's Wi-Fi near feature so when I get home it doesn't automatically connect (another feature I have setup). I have made a workaround that when it's my last class it will turn Wi-Fi on and then back off therefore allowing the Wi-Fi radio to run with Wi-Fi off. The battery stats also proves this by showing Wi-Fi activity.

Now personally I fixed this and whether it is the same issue as above I do not know, but I might as well make you aware of it pent incase others have had or will have this issue and don't know how to respond.

If you need more info let me know!

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