Someone here was trying to develop a PC app, but it failed. The fact alone of not being able to test after building, without transferring and restoring, was just a pain to think about. Much easier to do on the device press back and then test. Much more responsive, timely, and eliminates the variables of transferring programs which we all know there can be many issues there. As for your situation I suggest rebuilding them all in Tasker. I know its not what you want to do, but it will help you become familiar with the ui and learn features you probably didn't know exist. Just by using it and being more familiar with it helps to build larger more complex tasks you would have never thought of once you heard of the app. I've been using Tasker for almost 2 years and just last week I added new functionality to make my life easier with Tasker. I know it might not be your golden answer, but I don't believe any other types of PC software like that exist

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