Yes it should be a good method, I see what your doing by limiting access to the autolocation profile, which I didn't do that's why the error could happen. Although this should work, there might be situations where I could predict failure.
One being you check your phone at home while Wi-Fi is on, put it in your pocket, leave for work, and 10 minutes out (screen off check time) your Wi-Fi exit task runs causing the autolocation to pull your location noticing your not home (not within the geofence) causing it not to activate in the first place (the task cannot activate the profile it can only turn it on and off meaning it can or cannot become active). This would be an issue. Now whether the Wi-Fi connected profile would work like this or update instantly whether the screen is off or not I do not know. That would be a question for Pent.

The most battery life efficient would be without GPS. Network location is better, but may not always be the best option. In your situation I think network would work fine, just set it a decent size around your house and yard and you should be fine. If you want to save more battery use the cell near profile. It updates based. On your cell tower connections. This is good for large areas, which might be too sloppy in your case. I tried to do this at my house and it would turn on fine, but would stay on even if I was blocks away.

It's really up to you with what you want to use. Using location would probably be best, but may use a little more battery. I think the profile you suggested would work most of the time, but I don't know how it would react with the situation I proposed. It may be one of those things you just want to test and see if you like or not.

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