Is the task saying it's active on the Tasker notification?

And a workaround for now would to be make 2 separate profiles one for work and one for home. See if that will fix it or not.

Another thing what is the priority set to? I am on 4.3 so my Wi-Fi near works when my Wi-Fi is off so I have it set when I come in range with my home Wi-Fi and some other Wi-Fi networks I have programmed in, it will automatically turn on Wi-Fi. If I leave it will shutoff Wi-Fi, but only if the task turned it on itself. (So if it was on before it will stay on).
It was giving me issues activating and I believe I set the priority to 3 and it quit giving me issues and now works like a champ. It may be a completely different situation in your case but why not give it a shot, it may just work.

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