Yes. Though for running multiple topologies on the same cluster, we highly
recommend using the isolation scheduler (upcoming in Storm 0.8.2 which I'm
planning to release early next week). The isolation scheduler allows you to
dedicate machines to production topologies, preventing interference
problems from topologies competing over CPU. All non-production topologies
will share whatever remaining resources are left on the cluster.
On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 7:37 AM, Jerry LeBlanc wrote:

I have a Storm cluster setup. I would like to add multiple, independent
topologies to it.
Can I just code up the topology, compile it into a jar file, and submit it
to the running
Storm instance?

Another way to look at it: can I have Storm as a "service" ? Where others
(in my team)
can submit their topologies, kill/restart them, etc.? I think this is
known as "multi tenancy",
tho I'm not sure about the terminology.


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