Hi again

For those interested in building topologies with lein2, we ended up
with something like this to exclude storm from the uberjar :

(defproject mytopology "1.0.0"
:description "my topology"
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.4.0"]
[storm "0.8.1"]
[clj-yaml "0.4.0"]

[myspout1 "0.2.0"]
[mybolt2 "0.2.0"]]

:jar-exclusions [#"log4j\.properties" #"backtype" #"trident"
#"META-INF" #"meta-inf" #"\.yaml"]
:uberjar-exclusions [#"log4j\.properties" #"backtype" #"trident"
#"META-INF" #"meta-inf" #"\.yaml"]
:aot :all)

But this is not very satisfying because many dependencies of storm
itself (for example jzmq) get packaged in the uberjar for no reason.

I would really like to hear a better solution from people better than
me with leiningen and/or storm :)

This will probably become more of an issue when lein2 is officially
out but I feel like it should be discussed.

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 10:58 AM, Philippe Guillebert
Hi list,

We have a topology (written in Clojure) that we used to build with
lein 1. We are migrating stuff to lein 2 and I'm having issues with
this because Storm (0.8.1) won't start a topology if there is a
storm.jar inside the uberjar.

I don't know how to reproduce the behaviour of :dev-dependencies with lein2.

I tried fiddling with :uberjar-exclusions but without luck so far.

Did anybody tried to build a clojure topology with lein 2 ?

Thank you





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