Thomas, I've been working on this problem outside of Spree for a few years,
and working on it inside of Spree for a few months. The short answer is
there are no gems out there currently that will do what you're asking for.
You need to roll your own, as appropriate to your custom site. Ping me
directly and I can talk you through some of the ideas.

On Saturday, 30 August 2014 11:25:18 UTC-7, peter wrote:

Yeah, that's an area where I think we need to put some more focus. The
option_types / properties are basically the same for years now. IMHO we
need to add some more PDM like functionality to support the ad-hoc stuff
for example.

Currently recording some personal screencasts with Spree as topic. The
first series is about a implementing a new offsite payment method, adding
this to the todo list for next episodes. Been on my radar for a couple of
years now. ;)

To be continued


On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 1:47 AM, Thomas Mulloy <
<javascript:>> wrote:
meant to post this this
describes precisely what i am looking for but like the other suggestion it
deeply outdated.

On Wednesday, August 27, 2014 2:12:30 AM UTC-7, peter wrote:

Hi Thomas,

Although a bit out of date, this might send you in the right direction:


On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Thomas Mulloy <>
to kick things off i've experimented with
spree_related_products and

*spree-product-assembly* was pretty much a bust, not really sure if
this would be helpful beyond simply packaging products that don't change
the bundle's price. seems like the single product that contains other
products has to define the price, so did not really work with products in
the bundle as an add-on (with an added price).

*spree_related_products *seems to get me going but one setback already
is that it does not tie into the api and the crud functionality in the
admin is buggy. i've been able to get around the api setbacks and respond
with relations for a product by overriding the product#show rabl. right now
i'm at a point of at least associating other products as accessories, or
upgrades but beyond that i am still not certain how i will apply the
product to cart with the associations and price adjustments, inventory,
etc. would a good start be to focus on adjusting the line item model?

On Monday, August 25, 2014 11:08:33 PM UTC-7, Thomas Mulloy wrote:

trying to wrap my head around a good approach to handling upgrades to
a product (variant). an example product would be a square piece of material
and a variant would be an option type for material and the variant material
is steel. from this variant selection i want to offer a protective coating
as an upgrade for an additional $50.

this is where i am confused as to how to handle this, should the
protective coating be another option type? which would require me to
explicitly define all variations with and without protective coating? or is
there some other approach to this that would be less explicit in terms of
defining each and every variation for a product?

another related question is similar to the protective coating question
above, how can i approach an upgrade that requires input from the customer,
such as engraving the material at an additional fee? i think i am missing
something very basic conceptually when it comes to approaching these
problems and any help in getting going is greatly appreciated.

btw i am using spree 2-3-stable.


Peter Berkenbosch
Spree Commerce, Inc.


Peter Berkenbosch
Spree Commerce, Inc.

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