Definitely interesting uses of Spree there :) Thank you for sharing with us

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 4:36 AM, Weston Platter wrote:

@Raul - thanks the info about the spree extensions.

It looks like all the extensions are Spree 2.0 compatible. Nice. :)

On Friday, August 9, 2013 8:02:24 AM UTC-7, raul wrote:

Greetings community:

About 8 month approximately, a group of cuban developers joined to work
in a
customer request for an e-commerce site related with the tourism sector,
we started
a search to find out the state of the art in these theme, many sites, but
no free
platform to achieve the objective in a relative short period of time.
With our knowledge
in Rails and a little luck Spree was found, and based in the slogan, "The
most flexible
e-commerce site in the world", we started to adapt this platform for tour
The result of the work can be seen in these two sites "**"
and in "" developed in version, 1.0.x

Spree by its generic nature does not implement concepts applied to the
tourism sector
or are present but with another point of view, and with our knowledge and
the flexibility
provided by the tool have adapted with out loosing the essence because is

One of the main changes is that in these case product are not fisical,
are service oriented
like: Accommodations, Tours, Programs, Cars Rental and Flights basically.
We have used
concepts like product relations, properties, option types and values,
calculators, taxons,
taxonomies, and others but using them in some different ways.

We have plans to build a generic and free tour platform for tourism
e-commerce and release
it to the community over Spree. Right now we have layout some gems to
organize our work
and put the concepts we have included in those two sites mentioned
before. The main idea
is to have a base gem so called "spree_travel" and the others depending
on it.

Some of the gems are general enough to be included in any spree site, and
the rest are
specifically related to tourism and that ones depend on spree_travel.

General Gems
1. spree_location
- adds longitude and latitude to Spree::Product
- adds a map to the products details view
- shows a list of the nearest products and show them on the same map

2. spree_enhanced_banner
- depends on spree_banner
- you can relate a banner with a taxon
- whenever you navigate this taxon you see that banner
- you can relate more than one banner to the same taxon

3. spree_property_type
- adds a new model Spree::PropertyType with categorizes properties
- adds icons to properties
- each property_type (all the properties of this type) can be shown
differently in the site

4. spree_enhanced_relations
- depends on spree_related_products
- define some clases that inherits from spree_relation_type
(ManytoManyRelation, OneToManyRelation, ...)
- verify that the relations of that type meets the rules

5. spree_fancy_menu
- adds an horizontal menu that can be highly customized
- every menu item can have several sub menu items and so on recursively.
- every menu item can have an action associated

Travel Gems

6. spree_travel:
- main gem, defines generic products, common interfaces, defaults
behavior, etc.
- defines empty methods like parent, children, etc.

7. spree_travel_accommodation
- adds the concept of hotel and room

8. spree_travel_flight
- adds the concept of a flight, origin, destination, one way, round
trip, etc.

9. spree_travel_rentacat
- adds the concept of a "rent a car" and a "car"

and so on. there are 4 or 5 more gems with other concepts that will be
in this moment, we are starting to work on those gems, some of them have
the initial commits. but the repos can be found in

Summarizing a little, these gems are and "adaptation" of Spree to the
Tourism e-commerce
sector, which is rapidly growing. We invite all the community to visit
the implemented sites, and
give opinions about them. Any question will be also answered.

Right now we are also working in a verticalization of OpenERP for a tour
operator in Cuba, Witch
may not be to generic, but it give us a knowledge background of the
organization and operation
in these kind of business.

We are opened to receive any suggestions, comments or contacts.



Ryan Bigg
Community Manager
Spree Commerce, Inc.

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