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On Friday, June 28, 2013 1:45:47 PM UTC-6, gr2020 wrote:

4) Support two types of basic Promotion:
4.A) Coupon - activated by a user entering a coupon code
4.B) Automatic - happens on-change to an incomplete order.
In addition to changes to incomplete orders, we need to have some way for
promotions to be recalculated even on completed orders that are edited by
an admin. Use case:

1. Two promotions are in effect - 20% off orders over $200, and 10% off
orders over $100.

2. User creates a new order with $300 in items; 20% promotion applied, and
they pay $240.

3. Before order is shipped, they call and need to delete some items. Items
are deleted from the order in the admin system, and new line item total is
$150. Today, they're still getting a $60 discount (the promo adjustment is
locked). But really, promotions need to recalculate to give only 10% off
now, so new total should be $135.

Hopefully that makes sense - let me know if not and I can clarify!


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