Hey David,

Don't be too concerned with questions that you think are noobish. I'd totally prefer if people asked these noobish questions and learned something from the answer than remaining silent and not learning anything at all. Asking "noobish" questions is the right thing to do :)


Yes you're right that you would only need to copy over the files in the app directory into a new application for it to work the same. You MIGHT have some things inside the lib directory as well that needs copying, so make sure you copy those things too.
On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 5:00 PM, David Unric wrote:

first apologize for a noob question.
I'm looking for an advice about best practice to "extract" template from my
current project so I can build other similar apps upon it.
I've tweaked / finetuned Spree installation to my needs - written a lot of
overrides using Deface, written own CSSs, cutom Javascripts, helpers,
models, controllers, graphics etc. - all put in <project_tree>/app . There
are also some changes/updates in <project_tree>/config . Also the database
project is linked to is filled with lot of records (taxons, products,
users/roles, static pages, ...
Do I have to only copy my modifications in /app and /config and just create
a new renamed database ? Am I missing something here so thinks won't go
wrong ?
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