Have you looked at the spree_active_shipping extension? This has specific
config settings involving weight unit (ie turning pounds into ounces). It
also adds the Product Packages tab to product editing. This allows you to
define the dimensions and weight on a per product basis. It seems like you
can define multiple packages based on an amount of weight for each product,
if needed. I am not sure if the size/weight values tied to variants are
used as a fall back option though.

A quick look at app/models/spree/calculators/active_shipping/base.rb shows
quite a bit of that weight value being used to query the shipping costs.
My current project is still in development but it is my intention to use
active_shipping but I have not had experience with it in practice.

Here is the extension: https://github.com/spree/spree_active_shipping. On
the extension registry it also says this
"Currently only supports weight based shipping but volume could be easily
supported if that information were made available through Spree."

On Wednesday, April 24, 2013 5:52:17 AM UTC-5, Matthew Ford wrote:

Was wondering if it's possible/there is an extension to do shipping by
weight of a product. E.g each product has a weight which is added together
at the checkout stage to be used for a total shipping cost based on weight
price bands?

Or would something like this need to be custom built, and how would people
feel about something like this being in core?

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