My quick solution was to add a link wrapped within a
Rails.env=='development' check that triggers the following method

def reload_abilities
redirect_to :root

Now I just need to click that link instead of restarting the server.
On Thursday, January 31, 2013 10:03:04 PM UTC-8, Sunil Gowda wrote:

Hi All,
I have a bunch of custom abilities added to a new role. All that is
working very well. However, whenever I make a code change (template edits
are fine), my custom abilities are gone. This is major pain during
development as I have to restart the server on every code change. Is anyone
else experiencing this?

After debugging a bit, I have traced it to a few spots, but I am not sure
how to fix it. CanCan's @current_ability is reset to nil (at some
unidentified location) and assigned to a new Spree::Ability instance in
Spree::Core::ControllerHelper's current_ability method. Since the
initializers are not executed, the new abilities are not registered.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sunil Gowda
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