*rake spree:install:migrations *
solved this error for me on the demo app.

On Friday, May 4, 2012 6:36:59 PM UTC-5, Josh wrote:

Thanks, very helpful. This should be in the release notes!

and a small typeo:

rake spree:install:migrations
rake db:migrate

There was an extra 'i' before migrations.

Another question w/ Spree 1.1 was jquery removed from the core js
files? I needed to add:
//= require jquery
to my all.js file at the top.

Thanks again,

On Apr 2, 11:59 am, UtahTwo wrote:
I had this same error. To fix it I had to move new migrations over
from Edge and run db:migrate.

rake spree:install:imigrations
rake db:migrate

the state_events table was renamed and caused issues with the updated
code without the db changes.

Hope this helps others.
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