I also share a deep skepticism of certification programmes like this. The exact definition of a “certification” is that it _qualifies_ and _certifies_ you to have a set of knowledge.

The body of knowledge needs to be what is commonly accepted as a good canon of Selenium knowledge, and a quick look at ATA’s curriculum I can‘t say I could get behind that.

As Jim pointed out, certifications are usually designed to line the pockets of those organising them, in the sense that people pay a good lump of cash to attend the training and that there's an expectation of receiving a diploma on completion, regardless the amount of acquired knowledge.

Comparing this to a driver‘s license is ridicolous because I wouldn‘t be interested in hiring someone with the “bare minimum knowledge of traffic laws” for designing road infrastructure (as an equally silly corollary to test infrastructure).

Obviously training and attending courses is good. I would encourage everyone to do that if they can find good tutors. Unfortunately a certification doesn’t guarantee good tutors either, only merit alone does.
On 6 Apr 2015, at 09:09, Agile Testing Alliance wrote:

ATA CP-SAT (Selenium Automation Testing) certification covers basics topics like record and play to advance topics like frameworks, grids, integration with CI & CD tools etc...
That record-and-playback is a good introductory topic on Selenium is contentious. Personally I’d recommend anyone getting started on Selenium to avoid it.

Saying that you “have proficiency in Selenium IDE”, as opposed to say that you know patterns of page object design or have deep knowledge of the WebDriver API, is not just on the list of technologies I don’t want anything to do with, but also a CV that raises some red flags.

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