Hello All,

Have a challenging question. Before that I would like explain what I doing
in my framework a bit:

1) I have created a custom annotation like this :
@SolarWindsTest(testCaseID = "web-403")
public void doRegistration() throws Exception {
// code the test case here

2) In my testNG listener, in the OnFinish(ISuite iSuite), I am reading the
attribute value for "testCaseID" and using to generate a custom XML report.

3) In case of using the DataProvider feature in testNG, a single test
method will be run multiple times according to the set of data that has be

My question is: How to implement the above #1 into item #3 scenario ? I
want to assign a single testCaseID for each of the test data for which the
test method runs. I researched for dynamic annotation from this
page http://ayoubelabbassi.blogspot.in/2011/01/how-to-add-annotations-at-runtime-to.html
and seems a heck of implementation and wondering whether there is any
simple implementation to achieve this.

Experts, please chip-in :-)

Krishna Raj

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