On 6 January 2016 at 12:35, David Stark wrote:
I'd now like to re-add local playback, or at least a usable subset of it.
Obviously, eval() is right out, but click() might be OK. Given the distinct
non-readiness of Marionette, does anyone have a suggestion how to do this
best? I don't want to re-implement things from scratch and introduce subtle
semantic differences.

So the question is how much of Selenium I can cleanly use without including
forbidden things like eval(). I'm looking into webdriver atoms, but perhaps
I can use a higher-level interface?
It’s not really clear to me how Builder works right now. Does it wrap
FirefoxDriver and call down to the command implementations internally
when it does playback?

I imagine that it is possible to embed atoms for WebDriver primitives
quite easily, but others that require browser/tab control and
cross-process communication will be more difficult, though I haven’t
thought hard about this.

One of the things we have discussed loosely with the Developer Tools
team here at Mozilla is exposing Marionette as a REPL (or something
more appropriate) in the debugger. This isn’t a far cry from exposing
the same interface to (privileged) extensions.

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