Hello Steven!
On 1 January 2016 at 21:54, Steven Zaluk wrote:
I was wondering if the development group would be able to give us an update
on the status of FirefoxDriver/Marionette
We are adding W3C WebDriver spec compatibility to Marionette, and this
work is tracked in the
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=webdriver bug.

The progress of this work is slow mainly due to Gecko-specific
extension complexity and backwards compatibility concerns with
Mozilla’s existing body of tests.

Since the specification only exists in English prose, we are also
concurrently working on developing a test suite. Still, it is useful
if you report any issues you have using Marionette+wires as a backend
for your tests to generate visibility on what areas we should focus
I saw a comment in one of the
tickets open for an issue that starting with FF45, the FirefoxDriver will no
longer work but at the same time Marionette will not be ready until well
after FF45 is released.
As far as I know, Firefox 45 introduces add-on signing that prevents
us from using FirefoxDriver with official, stable builds.
Furthermore, when multi-process Gecko (e10s or ‘Electrolysis’) rides
the trains, FirefoxDriver will in all likelihood stop working.

Due to the nature of WebDriver, and FirefoxDriver in particular, the
add-on will likely never be approved in add-on review because it
allows arbitrary script evaluation in privileged contexts.

It will however still be possible to use FirefoxDriver with Firefox 45
and later if you use Nightly or the Developer Edition builds.

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