On 7 Jul 2015, at 04:07, Simon He wrote:
Hi all, I have a idea to create a driver for Windows/MacOSX application. So that, we can use the selenium do all kinds of automation not only for web page. And it can help the web automation to handle part of the unexpected window which come form explorer or OS, like the prompt sign in dialog or some message box.
There have been previous attempts at reusing the WebDriver API for interacting with native widget toolkits, however I cannot speak to their success. Although some differences in toolkits can be unified through an API like this, I believe it’s unlikely this remains true for them all. Of course, this does not necessarily pose a problem.

Transgressing from a interaction with a native toolkit to a browser web viewport component is however an interesting problem. Appium has proved that this is possible on mobile, but I don’t know of any existing implementations that allows you to e.g. go from GTK to Gecko, or say Cocoa to WebView.

For Firefox OS we have extended the API with a Gecko specific command to switch contexts. Since the “widget toolkit” or UI on this operating system is entirely written in web tech, switching from “content” to “chrome” context elevates your privileges outside the web content sandbox. This allows us to interact with virtually every component available in the global DOM.

tl;dr: I think your idea is interesting and a desirable feature to add to the Selenium stack.

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