I'm probably one of the few still relying on FF 3.6 support because I do
have customer demand for it. Having said that, SSL support for FF 3.6
has been broken since Selenium 2.25 and I haven't had the time to bother
fixing it. It's not particularly fair for me to force that on others.

A counter-proposal of sorts may be to drop 3.6 but instead of just
supporting ESR, also support ESR - 1. But since we're just hitting the
second ESR release, I have absolutely no data to either support or
refute that suggestion. It's more a gut feeling that 3.6 is in use
because it's the "stable" release, so it's been sort of a de facto ESR -
1 up until now.

A third proposal is Mozilla stops breaking their API every six weeks :-)

David Burns Wednesday, December 05, 2012 4:04 PM
Selenium 2.27 is out the door! Let's all rejoice!

However, this release has shown that we need to revisit what we
support on the Firefox side. The Firefox 3.6 CI job is very flaky and
we keep building for it when it's not supported anymore. I say we stop
this madness and support only the following:

Firefox N and Firefox N -1 where N is the current version in the
release branch
Firefox ESR that is still supported by Mozilla. Currently Firefox 17
ESR is out but Firefox 10 ESR is still alive and won't be pulled for a
couple months while companies update to 17.

The Why I suggest this:

Firefox 3.6 users were sent a forced upgrade, around Firefox 12 time
which they could decline, so the numbers are small of real users!

My colleagues and I are working hard to get Marionette
<https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Marionette> complete and
into Firefox. FirefoxDriver is a "subset" of Marionette since
Marionette can drive the browser chrome too. Marionette is in
FirefoxOS and soon to be in Firefox Mobile and is Mozilla's answer to
OperaDriver and ChromeDriver. As we get to a stage of transitioning
over we need to be reigning in support for versions to what is in the
Release branch, like we do with ChromeDriver. We have agreement in
principle with our security team to get it into release builds of
Firefox desktop and a plan for mobile. Once we are baked in, its
release or nothing really. Marionette is also part of the Mozilla
build and test cycle. You can see pushes with it being tested at

When is Marionette going to be complete? Well I am not sure but one of
the blockers for 2.27 wouldn't have happened with Marionette since we
are in the browser in a privileged area.

Let's discuss how we can support our community without making us do
unnecessary work!


David Burns
URL: http://www.theautomatedtester.co.uk/

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