I am trying to use SCALA. I've been a Java developer for years and this is
the second time I have tried.
Perhaps it is a windows bias?

I tried installing the SCALA IDE from the website -- unzipped the file and
opened eclipse.exe and I get the attached error (Screenshot).
Perhaps I could debug it if I could get ahold of all those arguments to the
javaw.exe... but the error message cannot be copied.

I also tried installing the plugin for Netbeans 8.1 and that failed because
it claimed it could not find the JPDA debugger UI plugin.
I tried to find that plugin on the Netbeans website and it could not be

Very frustrating.

IS there something I am missing?

Does the plugin only work with older version of Netbeans?

Does the SCALA IDE even work on windows 10? Is Java version 1.8 too new?

It seems to be a very popular language, but what works?



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