Couldn't you just replace every use of an implicit with an explicit?

Yes, of course, but that would defeat the point: we want the compiler to
figure out the value for us, meaning the compiler runs a computation on our

There seems to be growing consensus that implicit conversions are a bad
idea (hence they are guarded by a language feature import now), but
implicit arguments are vital for concise DSLs as well as type-level
computations and implicit classes (a.k.a. extension methods) greatly
improve the ability to separate data from behavior.

With these points in mind I must say that I am quite puzzled by Eric’s
statement, the only possible interpretation is that he means dotty shall be
completely different from Scala, not a successor (because it would explore
a different region of the design space).
No, he means not to have implicitsin the same way they are rejected in
Kotlin and also no other language has them for a good reason (scalability
of build times).

-- Haddock

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