For lambdas in Java8 you need to know about 10 interfaces by heart in order
to make use of them (Supplier, Consumer, Function, BiConsumer, BiFunction,
Predicate, etc.). This is not really elegant. Then extension methods are
missing and lots of user useful things that are not only nice-to-have

But the important point to me is that there is a difference in the people
in the Java and Scala world. After working for 10 years with Smalltalk I
had to change to Java like many other. And I can say that the quality level
of the Java developers is really lower compared to Smalltalk. This has many
reasons: Java has become a mass product, boilerplate incurred by Java
itself because of lack of closures and other things, general decline in
software development (more cost pressure than earlier, make things faster
and cheaper by being less careful), and other things.

With Scala you work with good people that have a good understanding of
development. Something like the CTO hires some consultant from who
everybody has to accept orders unconditionally as the CTO believes he can
just do it all because he says so does not happen with good people that you
are more likely to find in the Scala world than in the Java world. And I
can tell you I have seen that kind of CTOs.

Anyhow, any investment into Scala will not be lost. My 10 years of
Smalltalk from about 15 years ago still often make a difference when I
apply for jobs, because Smalltalk means good understanding of OO. In the
same way Scala will always mean developer on a better level than average.

-- Haddock

Am Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015 11:54:08 UTC+2 schrieb Kostas kougios:
Hi all, I've created this blog :


Certainly it still misses a lot of reasons why I prefer scala over java,
but will improve in the future and always suggestions are welcomed.

There is a small github repo too, please feel free to contribute.
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