Hi Dave,

writing `service` modules for AIX should be rather simple than.
Just look at the ones for FreeBSD and OpenBSD. The still
supported FreeBSD has no `/sbin/service` and OpenBSD just
recently got `rcctl`. And under the hood both still use init-scripts.

And everything you can do with a `cmd.run` shouldn't be too
hard to wrap in an execution module ;)

Regards, Florian
On March 21, 2016 12:29:05 PM GMT+01:00, Dave Neeley wrote:
We have 2015.8 minion compiling from source on AIX 6.1. We install our
own Python and all other dependencies, built with gcc. I believe it's
python 2.7 with 0mq 3 because we couldn't get 0mq 4 to compile. This
setup does not work on our AIX 7.1 boxes, probably a changed dependent
package. We just downloaded all of the packages we needed and wrote
our own rudimentary tarball based on steps that have already been
published on github:

There are several things that don't work in the minion, such as the
service states, because AIX only has init.d/rc.d script support, no
'service' module. The minion runs, but of course there are fewer
useful built-in grains and you resort to cmd.run alot to get things

Enterprise customers get access to an enterprise minion for AIX, or at
least an enterprise bootstrap script for install. I don't know if the
enterprise minion actually works better than the open-source one or
not. We have forked the salt repo, hack around problems we find on
aix, repackage, reinstall, etc. It's better than nothing!
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