Hi Andrew,

should be possible to have master-side code handle this in
a runner: Waits for a certain time after the event was
received before triggering the rsync-run and if more events
are received resets the timer. Maybe with an upper limit on
the number of events.

Doesn't sound too complicated but I still haven't written
any runners ;)

Regards, Florian

Am 27. Februar 2016 02:11:53 MEZ, schrieb Andrew Hammond <andrew.george.hammond@gmail.com>:
I plan to use an inotify beacon to trigger an rsync. The catch is that
beacon is on a directory, with recursive enabled. So, I expect to
a dozen or so beacon events and would like to aggregate them down to a

single rsync call. My solution right now is pretty hideous: use flock
--nonblock as a wrapper in the rsync script followed by a sleep call
for an
aggregation window. This will probably work, but it means that the
running rsync to pull from the event generating server will each have
handle a whole bunch of commands, while only the first will actually

Is there a better way to aggregate events? A sliding window would be
awesome, but I'm open to any reasonably cleaner solution than what
proposed. :)


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