Yeah. Having this in formulas, would eliminate (hopefully) the need of
modifying the templates. Changing some files to templates that include such
variables would even be better. IMHO formula templates should be used as-is
(where possible, but it should 'normal' not to have to alter these).

It would be nice if we could define something that can be include in

So, maybe include in every template something like:
# {{ salt['pillar.get']('salt-managed', 'Managed via the xyz-formula for
SaltStack') }}
# {{ Source }}
# {{ salt['pillar.get']('salt-contact', '') }}

Having these in place, would probably save quite some wasted time of people
changing files that are overwritten by salt.

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 9:47:17 AM UTC+1, Florian Ermisch wrote:

Hi Kees,

we as a community should just figure out s/t we can agree on so it can be
done in the formulas, too.

I would suggest a common key like your "SALT_MANAGED" (on which I don't
like the all-caps) and a formula-specific fallback like "managed via the
xyz-formula for SaltStack" with an optional " by {{
salt['pillar.get']('salt-contact') }}" added if this key is set.

This way we only have to set one (or two) keys and all formulas would add
the info automatically.

Oh, the {{ source }} should be in there, too, of course!

Regards, Florian

Am 28. Oktober 2015 09:21:17 MEZ, schrieb Kees Bos <[email protected]

I normally add something like:

# {{ salt['pillar.get']('SALT_MANAGED') }}
# Source: {{ source }}

to the top of all salt managed files. (The SALT_MANAGED is a string
set in
my pillar)

Is there some consensus on this (or common practice)?


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