Thanks for checking on this.
In our automation process, the AWS EC2 instances get a 'Name' tag and the
minion id gets set to the tag value.

We frequently recycle instances (terminate and recreate ) , ending up with
stale keys in accepted/rejected/denied queues.

I would like to cleanup the old keys in the accepted/rejected/denied queues
whose name is identical to the newly created instance key name in the
pending state .

I propose an enhancement to the wheel functions to target specific queues.

On a related note, how do keys end up in the denied queue ?

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9:03:27 PM UTC-4, Seth House wrote:

Your syntax looks correct. Though I am unsure of the exact format for the
argument to `key.delete_dict` off the top of my head. It may be that the
wheel function needs the CLI equivalent to the `--include-all` flag to
delete a denied key. In any case this looks like a bug. I filed this issue
below to track it.

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 3:00:56 PM UTC-6, Rohit Sood wrote:

Attempting to delete an pki key from a specific queue using the Salt
Pepper library.

The key fails to get deleted.

Python output filtered for readability.

deniedKeys = api_handle.low([{'client': 'wheel', 'fun': 'key.list',
'match': 'denied'}]);print

[u*'imgfactory-jump-3*', u'imgfactory-nm-1', u'imgfactory-nm-2']
delStatus = api_handle.low([{'client': 'wheel', 'fun':
'key.delete_dict', 'match': {'minions_denied':*'imgfactory-jump-3*'}}]);
print delStatus
{u'return': [{u'tag': u'salt/wheel/20150519191519508162', u'data':
{u'jid': u'20150519191519508162', u'return': {}, u'success': True,
u'_stamp': u'2015-05-19T19:15:20.389127', u'tag':
u'salt/wheel/20150519191519508162', u'user': u'jenkins', u'fun':
deniedKeys = api_handle.low([{'client': 'wheel', 'fun': 'key.list',
'match': 'denied'}]);print
[u'*imgfactory-jump-3*', u'imgfactory-nm-1', u'imgfactory-nm-2']
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