I'm trying to thread the command client.cmd('*','state.highstate') and i
want to display the final output. Here is the code I am using:

import salt.client
import salt.config
import thread, time
import threading

def thread_state(test):
     client = salt.client.LocalClient()
     test['id'] = client.cmd('*','state.highstate')

test = { "id": 1 }

thread.start_new_thread(thread_state, (test,))


print test['id']

I am receiving output but it's not what I am looking for, I am getting:

  {'SaltMinion-Windows': ['The function "state.highstate" is running as PID
1420 and was started at 2015, Apr 15 10:13:54.642723 with jid

Does anyone know how I go about getting the final output displaying which
packages have been installed and which have failed.


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