I have a master-of-master setup; the sub-master is running a syndic with a
local copy of the states. Right now I can (successfully) deploy my system
with an invocation like

salt-cloud -m /srv/maps/deployment.yaml
salt deployment-salt state.sls salt
salt deployment-salt cmd.run 'salt-run state.orchestrate orchestrate'

(where /srv/salt/salt/init.sls propagates itself to the sub-master, and
/srv/salt/orchestrate/init.sls does the steps necessary to launch the
distributed system).

I have a couple of questions on this setup:

Is there a more succinct way to run the runner on the sub-master? (The
saltutil.runner module doesn't seem to work, in part because it pushes a
bunch of extra information into **kwargs.)

Is there a way to get incremental progress from the orchestrate run, at
least to have it tell me what orchestrate states it's running?

If this produces a huge amount of data Salt just prints out
"VALUE_TRIMMED". What's the best way to see the actual output?

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