Warren, sorry for the slow reply.

Wheel modules are intended to be called programmatically from Salt's Python
API or Salt's REST API and do not have a direct CLI equivalent. (I suspect
the CLI examples in the docs were added to prevent a test from
failing that verifies all modules have an example. They should probably be
updated/changed.) Wheel modules are used to manage the Salt Master.

You are right to wonder as there is a fair bit of conceptual overlap
between wheel modules and runner modules and they even share a good bit of
backend code. Runner modules have historically not been ideal for
programmatic use; wheel modules were added specifically for programmatic
use. In the next Salt feature release runner modules are getting a bit
update to make them more flexible. There was a brief discussion about
deprecating wheel modules in favor of runner modules although that is not
on our immediate roadmap it may happen at some point.
On Wednesday, December 24, 2014 at 11:09:20 AM UTC-7, Warren Turkal wrote:

I have a couple questions about wheel modules.

1. What is the difference between wheel modules and runner modules?
2. Is the salt-wheel script supposed to be available in salt 2014.7.0
in epel6?

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