We are planning to use SaltStack for our inhouse LDAP based Configuration
Management system. Our system is designed for mostly networking related
operation. Where operator add lots of networing configuration e.g vlan, ip
and routes.
We are thinking that to use Pillar to store these user added configuration.
We will write some code to generate the desired pillar data and also update
if need.

From the documentation we can find that following command to refresh the
pillar data to minion
salt '*' saltutil.refresh_pillar

*But how to write the state module to get the delta of change so the
execution module also get notification of delta and apply the change ?*

*Example* - user add one vlan and add 2 ip address to this vlan.Next day he
add one more ip address to the yesterday added vlan. In this case our
system should only add the newly added ip address not try to add all three
ip address.

Any help appreciated.


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