Hi all,

I wanted to ask you out there how you test your salt setup? The thing is
that I can't find anything useful about this subject related to Salt.
Maybe my ignorance is showing now. But if that's the case then I'd like
to be enlightened ;)

What I'm specially interested in are the following subjects:

Does it compile? Any Syntax-Errors?

Something like a smoke test I guess. Currently I use a Docker container
which I run with "test=true". This is the fastest method I could come up
with. This is very helpful when developing formulas and I just want to
see if I made any typers or syntax errors(which happens very often with

Testing single salt-formulas without executing them

Something like rspec-puppet. Just to make sure that my formulas do what
they are supposed to do or handle incoming data(i.e. grains or pillars)
correctly. It would be even better if I could insert dependencies to
other formulas. Such I can see directly if my changes broke something
else. But I have no idea on how to do that in Salt.


Is the server configured like I want it to be? I know only two tools in
this category. Those are Serverspec and Cucumber. Both have very
specialized functionality and can't be used for a complete test alone.
Also I don't like them very much and like to know if there are other
methods in use. If there are other methods out there I really like to
know about them.

So how do you test?

Cheers, Shorty

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